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Beautiful Rwanda

The following images are available for purchase to benefit the non-profit Blue Kitabu ( ) Blue Kitabu's mission is to provide self-sustained education to poor children in developing countries. Currently, they are building a school in Ghana for over 210 orphans and street children. See VIDEO.

For the pricing structure, please go to: STORE

All profits go to the one of the projects that we are working on, and we promise to be 100% transparent as to where you money is spent, and you will see the results. You can choose what would like to help with and we will do our best to make sure that happens.

Feel free to email any questions about our projects, the photographs, or helping out. Also email if you would like to buy any prints.

Thank you
London Parker-McWhorter and Alex Rivest

Top Ten Favorites

photo by Alex Rivest
Green Rwanda Hills

photo by Alex Rivest
Portrait of 4

photo by Alex Rivest
Boy Herding Cattle in Mountains

photo by Alex Rivest
Gorilla Eyes

photo by Alex Rivest
Orphanage Girl Silhouetted

photo by Alex Rivest
Rwanda Smile

photo by Alex Rivest
Boy Portrait 1

photo by Alex Rivest
Thousand Hills

photo by Alex Rivest
Boy Portrait 2

photo by Alex Rivest
Lake and Hills

Other Favorites
photo by Alex Rivest
Village amongst Volcanoes

photo by Alex Rivest
Dusty Sunset


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  1. # Blogger Paul B

    These pictures are so poignant. You have a remarkable ability to capture close-up face shots that tell such a story!  

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